Bennett Calls for St. Margaret’s to Reopen Maternity Services in Spring Valley

Citing the importance of health care availability to growing families, State Senator Tom Bennett (R-Gibson City) has called on the management of St. Margaret’s Health to reopen full OB/Maternity services at either their Peru or Spring Valley location.

“For communities to survive, they have to be able to keep and attract young people who are, or will soon be, starting families,” said Bennett. “The LaSalle-Peru area needs a committed partner to offer full healthcare opportunities to families, including OB services.”

St. Margaret’s Health had recently announced the “temporary” closure of their Peru hospital, which was currently the local provider of OB/Maternity services. The administration announced OB services would be returning to their nearby Spring Valley hospital location, but only in cases of emergency. The Spring Valley hospital has not yet reopened their OB center.

Bennett joined with a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers, healthcare professionals, and local families at a press conference in Peru on Monday, calling on St. Margaret’s to reopen full OB/Maternity services in Spring Valley.

Tom Bennett

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