Bennett Pushes Bill to Help Veterans’ Families

State Senator Tom Bennett (R-Gibson City) has advanced legislation to help the families of veterans with their property taxes.

“Veterans and their families make incredible sacrifices to protect their country and keep us safe,” said Bennett. “This legislation is designed to make sure that they receive the benefits that are rightfully owed to them.”

Senate Bill 1534, filed by Bennett, fixes an issue with homestead exemptions for veterans. Under Bennett’s legislation, if a veteran with a spouse dies while their veteran’s homestead exemption is under review, the review will continue, and if the exemption is granted for the veteran, then it will be granted to the surviving spouse.

“This change could offer vital assistance to the families of veterans, especially when they are dealing with the loss of a loved one,” said Bennett.

The Illinois Senate Revenue Committee recently approved the measure unanimously. It now awaits action by the full Senate.

Tom Bennett

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