Bennett Legislation Targeting Teaching Shortage Signed into Law

SPRINGFIELD- Illinois schools now have a new tool to help combat the statewide teaching shortage, making it easier for qualified teachers to step back into classrooms and provide the best education possible for students. Legislation filed by State Senator Tom Bennett (R-Gibson City) has been signed into law that will make it easier for retired teachers to help fill temporary vacancies and serve as substitutes.

“This law presents another alternative for schools to address temporary and substitute teaching needs. By filling teaching positions at schools, we can improve educational opportunities available to students. This is another significant step in our ongoing efforts to address the teacher shortage, and our commitment remains strong to giving children the best education possible.”

Senate Bill 1468, filed by Bennett, would allow teachers who are receiving retirement benefits to accept employment as teachers for up to 120 days or 600 hours per school year through June 30th, 2026, and a maximum of 100 days or 500 hours beginning July 1st, 2026, and thereafter.

Tom Bennett

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