Bennett-Sponsored Law Encourages Motorcycle Operators to Take a Two-Day Safety Course

SPRINGFIELD- Young prospective motorcycle riders now have another reason to consider taking a motorcycle safety class, due to legislation sponsored by State Senator Tom Bennett (R-Gibson City), that was recently signed into law. Bennett’s legislation allows riders under 18 the option of taking Illinois Department of Transportation’s (IDOT) comprehensive motorcycle safety course and exam in lieu of the basic driving and written tests conducted at DMV offices.

“Senate Bill 2582 allows them to meet the requirement by taking the class, which we hope encourages them to do so,” said Senator Bennett. “Our goal is to keep our motorcycle riders safe. By encouraging motorcyclists, especially younger beginning riders, to take this course, I believe they will get a better test, more time to learn, and significant hands-on experience.”

“On behalf of ABATE Illinois, this bill will encourage young riders to take traffic safety courses and will reduce the number of young riders who are riding without proper training,” said Josh Witkowski, ABATE’s State Legislative Coordinator. “I want to thank Senator Bennett, the Secretary of State (SOS), and the Governor for making this law happen.”

IDOT’s two-day Basic Rider Course (BRC)provides approximately 20 hours of classroom and on-motorcycle instruction. All students who successfully complete the course receive a BRC completion card that will waive the SOS’s motorcycle written and driving tests.

Under prior law however, riders under 18 were allowed to take the IDOT class, but they were still required to take the written and driving tests at a local SOS office as well, giving them less incentive to enroll in the comprehensive IDOT classes.

Senate Bill 2582, filed by Bennett, gives younger riders the same options as those over 18.

The safety lessons and background education this course provides aim to help increase the number of better motorcycle operators in the long term.

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Tom Bennett

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