Sen. Bennett Sponsors Bill to Formally Recognize Space Force as Official Military Branch

SPRINGFIELD- State Senator Tom Bennett (R-Gibson City) sponsors legislation to formally recognize the United States Space Force as an official branch of the United States Armed Forces.

“By formally recognizing the United Space Force as an official branch of the Armed Forces, we honor the dedication and innovation of those who protect our interests beyond the bounds of Earth,” said Sen. Bennett. “Their commitment ensures that our nation remains at the forefront of space exploration and defense”.

The Illinois Senate recently advanced House Bill 5640, sponsored by Senator Tom Bennett and House of Representative Stephanie Kifowit, that changes state law to include the Space Force wherever the Armed Forces are mentioned.

“Recognizing the United States Space Force in Illinois statutes as an official branch of our Armed Forces is a crucial step in ensuring that all military personnel receive the respect and benefits they deserve,” said State Representative Stephanie Kifowit (D-Oswego), who is herself a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran. “This legislation ensures that members of the United States Space Force won’t be excluded from benefits and programs afforded to other branches of the United States Military. It honors the brave men and women who serve in this farthest frontier and strengthens our commitment to supporting every branch of our military equally.”

The United States Space Force, established on December 20, 2019, is designated as an armed force within the Department of the Air Force. The Space Force’s mission is to ensure the U.S. can operate freely in space, manage space operations, and protect American interests. 

This legislation passed unanimously out of the Senate Floor on May 21st and now advances to the Governor for further action. 

Tom Bennett

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